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4E: Music and Theatre strand (4): Consuming Spectacles, Sensations, and the Exotic on the Victorian Stage

Panel convened by Beth Palmer (University of Surrey)

Chair: Akira Suwa (Cardiff University)

  • Tiziana Morosetti (University of Oxford): ‘Consuming Uncle Tom on the Victorian stage’
  • Beth Palmer (University of Surrey): ‘Consuming “sensation” in the theatre of the 1860s’
  • Joanna Robinson (King’s College London and University of Surrey): ‘Miniature spectacles: Performing nations in toy theatres’

Please note change of chair.

5B: Self-Improvement

Chair: Ann Heilmann (Cardiff University)

  • David Rowland (The Open University): ‘Widening access to art music: Creating new audiences in Victorian Britain’
  • Melissa Score: ‘“Martha Makepeace” and the working woman’s household economy in Cassell’s Working Man’s Friend’
  • Paul Raphael Rooney (Trinity College Dublin): ‘Consuming autodidacticism: Improving reading, The Working Man’s Friend (1850-51) and the Victorian print culture’

Please note change of chair.

5E: Music and Theatre strand (5): Consuming Music: Private and Public

Chair: George Biddlecombe (Royal Academy of Music)

  • Wendy Stafford (University of Southampton): ‘Consuming passions? An investigation into a Victorian country house music collection’
  • Ian Maxwell (University of Cambridge): ‘The Chamber music clubs in the universities of Victorian Britain’

Due to unforeseen circumstances Erin Johnson Williams cannot attend.

5F: Visual Culture strand (4): Classicism and Aesthetics

Chair: Catherine Han (Cardiff University)

  • Jordan Kistler (Keele University): ‘Creation vs. consumption: Rethinking the ideal in art’
  • Madeleine Emerald Thiele (Aberystwyth University): ‘The Edwardian consumption of Victorian angels’

Ciarán Rua O’Neill’s paper has moved to 2F.


5G: Medicine, Science and Technology strand (4): Natural History

Chair: Helen Kingstone (Leeds Trinity University)

  • Matthew Wale (University of Leicester): ‘“A healthy four-penny-worth of [science] gossip”: Consuming natural history through 19th-century periodicals’’
  • Rose Roberto (National Museums Scotland and University of Reading): ‘(Un)natural selection in Chambers’s Encyclopaedias’

Due to unforeseen circumstances David Lowther has had to withdraw. 

6A: Sensation Fiction

Chair: Helen McKenzie (Cardiff University)

  • Suchitra Choudhury (University of Glasgow): ‘Consumerism and colonialism: The red Paisley shawl in Wilkie Collins’s Armadale
  • Anne-Louise Russell (Anglia Ruskin University): ‘Much more than simply “supply[ing] the cravings of a diseased appetite”: Florence Marryat and sensation fiction published in London Society’

Kate Mattacks has had to withdraw.

6G: The Ethics of Consumption: Political Economy, Periodical Journalism, Poetry 

Panel convened by Nora Plesske (TU Braunschweig, Germany)

Chair: Silvana Colella (Università di Macerata, Italy)

Nora Plesske (TU Braunschweig, Germany): ‘Celebrations of cheapness: Mass consumption and the wealth of the nation’

Joanna Rostek (University of Giessen, Germany): ‘A Feminist Economic Reading of Charlotte Brontë’s Shirley’

Please note that Joanna Rostek’s paper will be read out by Megen de Bruin-Molé and that Laurenz Volkmann’s paper has had to be cancelled.  

7B: Business, Brands and Betting

Chair: Sarah Bull (University of Cambridge)

  • Graham Harding (St Cross College, Oxford): ‘“Advertisements of every kind to bring their brand into notoriety”: Brand Innovation and “Brandolatry” in the nineteenth-century champagne trade’
  • Rohan McWilliam (Anglia Ruskin University): ‘The Gatti family and the Victorian West End: Food, theatre and entrepreneurship in the making of London’s pleasure district’
  • Stephen Tate (Blackburn College): ‘“What but greed, what but avarice, would induce a man . . . to carry on that business?” Coupon betting and the British sporting press c1900’

Please note revised title of Graham Harding’s paper.

7L: Spectacles of the Victorian Press

Chair: Ann Heilmann (Cardiff University)

  • Jock Macleod (Griffith University, Australia): ‘Incorporating readers: Consumption and Victorian histories of the press’
  • Alexandra Leonzini (Freie Universität Berlin/ Humboldt Universität zu Berlin): “The important squabble”, “an extraordinary scene”, or “a most disgraceful row”?: The Tamburini Riot as it appeared in British print media’
  • Matthew Bradley (University of Liverpool): ‘Consuming Victorian apocalypse: The end of the world and the Victorian press’

Please note change of chair due to Clare Horrocks speaking in 7C.  

8B: The Form and Facture of The Pleasure of that Obstinacy: J. Hillis Miller on Anthony Trollope, Reading and Technology

Please note that the chair of this session is Joanna Robinson (King’s College London and University of Surrey), not Simon Grennan (as indicated in the Abstracts booklet).

Panel organiser, speaker and commentator: Frederik Van Dam (University of Leuven, Belgium)

Screening of documentary and discussion


8G: Medicine, Science and Technology strand (6): Consuming Pre-Historic Beasts

Panel convened by Will Tattersdill (University of Birmingham)

Chair: Jordan Kistler (University of Birmingham)

  • Richard Fallon (University of Leicester / Centre for Arts and Humanities Research, Natural History Museum): ‘H. N. Hutchinson’s extinct monsters (1892): Making palaeontology palatable at the fin de siècle’
  • Will Tattersdill (University of Birmingham): ‘Becoming fossils: Adequated metaphors of the Victorian dinosaur in 20th-century popular culture

Katherine Ford’s paper has moved to IF