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Wednesday, 31 August



Registration for PGR/ECR workshops

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0.22, 0.23, 0.24, 0.25, Special Collections

PGR/ECR workshops

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PGR/ECR workshops: Opening and welcome
9.15-10.30 Workshop session 1

1:  Illustration (Special Collections, Arts & Social Science Library – please set off 5 minutes in advance)

2:  Public Speaking: Presenting Your Research – It Really Is a Performance

3:  Creative Writing in Academia



Refreshment break
11-12.15 Workshop session 2

1:  Illustration (Special Collections, Arts & Social Science Library – please set off 5 minutes in advance)

2:  Public Speaking: Presenting Your Research – It Really Is a Performance (room 0.24)

3:  Creative Writing in Academia (room 0.23)

12.15-12.45 Light refreshments for PGR/ECR workshop participants
8.30-12.30 Registration for all delegates
12.45 Guided walk from conference venue to Law LT (5 mins)

Julian Hodge LT 0.01

Conference Welcome

Damian Walford Davies, Head of School of English, Communication and Philosophy

Ann Heilmann, Chair of the Organising Committee


Julian Hodge LT 0.01

Keynote 1

Chair: Ann Heilmann

Patricia Duncker (University of Manchester): ‘Imagining George Eliot’


Julian Hodge 0.05




2.45-4 Panel sessions 1



2.01 1A: Journalism/The Figure of the Journalist

Chair: Michael Goodman (Cardiff University)

Jian Choe (Kyung Hee University, South Korea): ‘A glimpse into Victorian consumer culture through Sambourne’s journal writing’

Sharin Schroeder (Taipei Tech, Taiwan): ‘Andrew Lang’s “At the Sign of the Ship” as historical record’

Peter T.A. Jones (Queen Mary, University of London): ‘Consuming memoranda: Reading the topoi of Victorian special correspondence through George Augustus Sala’s “Commonplace Book”’

2.02 1B: Poverty and Consumption

Chair: Kimberley Braxton (Keele University)

Laura Foster (Cardiff University): ‘Consuming paupers: Cannibalism in workhouse representation’

Ruth Robbins (Leeds Beckett University): ‘Consuming misery: Narrating spectacles of vice and poverty in the East End’

Lucinda Matthews-Jones (Liverpool John Moores University): ‘Armchair settling: Consuming the university and social settlement movement through their periodicals’

1.29 1C: Gender strand (1): Identities and Performances of the New Woman

Chair: Katherine Mansfield (Cardiff University)

Jane Ford (Keele University): ‘“Animated stomachs”: Insects and female economic dependency in Schreiner and Caird’

Blanca Santonja (Saint Louis University, US): ‘“alas! too expensive a luxury for our civilization”: Creating and fearing the New Woman in Amy Levy’s fiction and journalism’

Luke Seaber (University College London): ‘“If men do these kind of journalistic feats, why not a woman?”: Elizabeth L. Banks and presenting self and others for public entertainment and instruction’

1.30 1D: Victorian Afterlives strand (1):  Dickensian (Re)Imaginations

Roundtable and panel discussion convened by Maureen England (King’s College London) and Holly Furneaux (Cardiff University)

Chair: Clare Horrocks (Liverpool John Moores University)

Maureen England (King’s College London)

Holly Furneaux (Cardiff University)

Louisa Price (Charles Dickens Museum)

1.19 1E: Music and Theatre strand (1): Women Performers

Chair: Rachel Cowgill (University of Huddersfield)

Sonja Jüschke (Universität Koblenz-Landau, Germany): ‘Ideal women? The role of the chorus (girls) in late Victorian operetta’

Michelle Witen (University of Basel, Switzerland): ‘“The tyranny of the prima donna”: Critical consumption and consuming performances in Trilby

Rachel Landgren (Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne): ‘“English by heart”: the Edwardian soprano and her veil of Victorian purity’

1.27 1F: Visual Culture strand (1): Victorian Illustration

Chair: Rose Roberto (University of Reading)

Will Finley (University of Sheffield): ‘“Vehicles for pretty prints”: The consumption of image and text and the transformation of topography 1835-1850’

Bethan Stevens (University of Sussex): ‘Greedy rats: The business of Victorian wood engraving’

Katherine Ford (Science Museum, London): ‘Demons, devils and dragons: Representations of pterosaurs in 19th-century science and culture’

1.26 1G: Medicine, Science and Technology strand (1): Medical Consumers

Chair: Sarah Bull (University of Cambridge)

Martin Willis (Cardiff University): ‘The medical spectacular in Victorian Edinburgh’

Helen Goodman (Royal Holloway, University of London): ‘Home remedies and hydrotherapy: stressed scientists and medical consumerism in nineteenth-century Europe’

Jane Adams (Open University): ‘Medicine, science and consumer culture: The shaping of the late Victorian spa’

0.24 1H: Consuming Otherness strand (1): Consuming 19th-century France

Panel convened by Kate Griffiths (Cardiff University)

Chair: Kathy Rees

Richard Leahy (University of Chester): ‘Frameworks of desire and mass consumption: Networked society in the works of Émile Zola’

Kate Griffiths (Cardiff University): ‘Translating Zola for 21st-century television: Audience, consumption, context and The Paradise (BBC, 2012)’

Andrew Watts (University of Birmingham): ‘Consumed by Spirit: Reincarnating Balzac in Charles d’Orino’s Tales from the Beyond (1904)’

0.23 1K: What to Do with Alice?

Chair: Mark Richards

Stephen Folan (Lewis Carroll Society): ‘Lewis Carroll as consumer and producer’

Derek Ball (Leicester University): ‘Wide-eyed Dorothea in Wonderland: Consuming George Eliot’s curiouser mathematical images’

0.22 1L: Travel and Tourism strand (1): Representing Travel at Home and Abroad

Chair: Akira Suwa (Cardiff University)

Christopher Donaldson (University of Birmingham): ‘Over sands to the Lakes: Railway travel and Victorian Lake District tourism’

Barry Sloan (University of Southampton): ‘Town and country encounters’

Shinsuke Hori (Nihon University, Japan): ‘Recollections of Italy 1860: George Eliot’s Realistic Program and Romola’

0.25 1M: Consuming Christ: Ethics and Faith

Chair: Rosemary Mitchell (Leeds Trinity University)

Keri Cronin (Brock University, Canada) and Maria Power (University of Liverpool): ‘Christ in the laboratory: Religious ethics and the anti-vivisection movement in late Victorian Britain’

Melissa E. Buron (Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and Birkbeck College): ‘Proselytizing or profiteering?  James Tissot and the commercialization of the Bible’

Arts and Social Science Library Illustration Workshop

Special Session: Special Collections

Julia Thomas (Cardiff University) and Alison Harvey (Cardiff University)

Attendance by prior registration

4.10-5.25 Panel sessions 2
2.01 2A: Dickens and Victorian Consumer Culture

Chair: Sheri Smith (Cardiff University)

Alice Turner (University of Leicester): ‘“Wot is this here business?”: Cockney cachet and the consumption of Dickens’s dialect’

Joy-Ann Tso (Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan): ‘The legacy of Victorian fashion and its relationship to Charles Dickens’

2.02 2B: Working-Class Consumers in the Victorian City: Reading, Writing, Performing

Convened by Kirstie Blair (University of Strathclyde)

Chair: Anne Schwan (Edinburgh Napier University)

Erin Farley (University of Stirling): ‘“This popular song can always be got at the Poet’s Box”: Consuming tradition in the industrial city’

Lauren Weiss (University of Stirling): ‘Manuscript magazines: Collaboration and consumption’

Kirstie Blair (University of Strathclyde): ‘Print culture and the politics of temperance verse’

1.29 2C: Gender strand (2): Gender, Sex and Middle-Class Consumption

Chair: Sophie Raine (Lancaster University)

Laura Ugolini (University of Wolverhampton): ‘“The vile sin which his father had so early taught him”: Middle-class fathers and sons and consumption in Victorian England’

Sarah Bull (University of Cambridge): ‘Newspaper advertising and the popular consumption of sexual knowledge in print, 1840 – 1900’

Margery Masterson (University of Bristol): ‘Doing their bit or flogging some kit? Consumption and the Volunteers movement’

1.30 2D: Victorian Afterlives strand (2): The Other Victorians in Retrospect

Chair: Sarah Parker (Loughborough University)

Ana Markovic (University of Glasgow): ‘Oscar Wilde’s queer afterlives: Sexuality in early twentieth-century Wildeana’

Danielle Norman (Portsmouth University): ‘Undressing Dora: Consuming bodies and books in Belinda Starling’s The Journal of Dora Damage’

Muren Zhang (Lancaster University): ‘Productive shame versus voyeuristic consumption: The ethics of reading neo-Victorianism’

1.19 2E: Music and Theatre strand (2): Music and Shopping

Chair: Rachel Cowgill (University of Huddersfield)

Isabel Corfe (National University of Ireland, Galway): ‘Consuming song: The rural past and the urban present in the 19th-century street ballad’

Matthew Spring (Bath Spa University): ‘The retail music trade in Victorian Bath’

Makiko Hayasaka (University of Bristol): ‘Music while you shop: The musical life of the Royal Arcade, Boscombe’

1.27 2F: Visual Culture strand (2): Behind the Scenes at an Exhibition

Chair: Kate Newey (Exeter University)

Helen Kingstone (Leeds Trinity University): ‘“First, climb to the roof”: Making contemporary history consumable’

Ciarán Rua O’Neill (University of York): ‘Consuming Classical and Renaissance sculpture: The Caryatid in Victorian Britain’

Anthony Walker-Cook (Durham University): ‘The museum and its various metaphors in Victorian literature’ (Please note that due to illness this paper will be read out by Ann Heilmann)

1.26 2G: Medicine, Science and Technology strand (2): Spectacular Science and Technology

Chair: Martin Willis (Cardiff University)

Howard Carlton (University of Birmingham): ‘“Our place among infinities”: Victorian astronomy as popular performance’

Margaret Denny: ‘Scenes for sale:  The inducement of stereoscopy’

Jeanette Samyn (Wesleyan University, US): ‘Alfred Cort Haddon and the spread of scientific cinema’

0.24 2H: Consuming Otherness strand (2): Consuming the Orient

Chair: Suchitra Choudhury (University of Glasgow)

Amy Miller (University College London): ‘Consuming the “East”: Globetrotters, food, drink and sociability on the Eastern Grand Tour, 1870-1900’

Katy Brundan (University of Oregon, US): ‘Eating mummy wheat: The potency of seeds in Louisa May Alcott’s “Lost in a Pyramid or the Mummy’s Curse”’

Pradipto Roy (NIMHANS, Bangalore): ‘From the Making of Early Indian Pharmacopoeias to Swadeshi Entrepreneurship: Consuming Medicaments in Victorian South Asia’

0.23 2K: Digitisation strand (1): Roundtable: Digital Visualisation and Victorian Studies   

Convened by Christopher Donaldson (University of Birmingham) and

Joanna Taylor (Lancaster University)

Chair: Anthony Mandal (Cardiff University)

Christopher Donaldson (University of Birmingham): ‘Deep mapping mobile geographies’

Les Roberts (University of Liverpool): ‘The Cestrian Book of the Dead: Digital necrogeography and spatial anthropology’

Matthew Sangster (University of Birmingham): ‘Accruing Romantic London’

Joanna Taylor (Lancaster University): ‘Walking, writing and mapping the English Lake District’

0.22 2L: Death Cultures

Chair: Keir Waddington (Cardiff University)

Jen Baker (University of Bristol): ‘Mental dram-drinking’: The queer consumption of the dead child body in the nineteenth century’

Galia Benziman (The Open University of Israel): ‘Utilizing the dead: Hardy and his corpses’

Alexandra Murphy (University of Northampton): ‘Presenting the spectacular double act of the photograph and the taxidermy specimen’

0.25 2M: Toxic Tonics

Chair: Akira Suwa (Cardiff University)

Duncan Yeates (Falmouth University): ‘On the precipice: Formal agency and temperance in John Harris’s Caleb Cliff’

Melissa Dickson (St Anne’s, University of Oxford): ‘Bringing the body up to speed: 19th-century nerve tonics and the medical marketplace’

Thora Hands (University of Strathclyde): ‘Drinking for health or courting addiction? Women and tonic wine in late-Victorian Britain’


Julian Hodge 0.05




Panel sessions 3


2.01 3A: Complicating the Marriage Plot

Chair: Elizabeth Ludlow (Anglia Ruskin University)

Michael Parrish Lee (University of Nottingham): ‘Gaskell and the Victorian food plot’

Louise Creechan (University of Glasgow): ‘Consuming ignorance / consummating marriage: Illiteracy, sexual agency, and the pedagogical marriage plot’

Marissa Bolin (University of York): ‘“The law sanctioned the sacrifice”: The debate for marriage ceremonial law reform in Wilkie Collins’ Man and Wife’

2.02 3B: Class, Consumption and Entertainment

Chair: Keir Waddington (Cardiff University)

Christopher Ferguson (Auburn University, US): ‘Before antiques, before recycling: Second-hand consumption in Victorian Britain’

Naama Dar Amir (Hebrew University, Israel): ‘The fair ground and the consumption of pleasure’

Sophie Fuller (Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London): ‘Mistresses of song: Women and the Victorian mass music market’

1.29 3C: Gender strand (3): Decadent Appetites

Chair: Ruth Robbins (Leeds Beckett University)

James Gatheral (University of Brighton): ‘The flâneur in mid-Victorian London’

Joseph Thorne (Liverpool John Moores University): ‘Radical consumption: Eating out with the Aesthetes’

Silvia Antosa (University of Enna ‘Kore’, Italy): ‘Consuming bodies: Victorian “Cannibals” in late-Victorian London’

1.30 3D: Victorian Afterlives strand (3): Painting the Victorians

Chair: Sarah Parker (Loughborough University)

Merlin Seller (University of East Anglia): ‘Resurrecting the Victorian after WWI: Walter Sickert’s English Echoes

Kate Mitchell (Australian National University): ‘The [other] art of fiction: Portraits in neo-Victorian novels’

Marie-Luise Kohlke (Swansea University): ‘After-images of the non-consenting dead: Anthony Rhys’ neo-Victorian biofictional portraiture’

1.19 3E: Music and Theatre strand (3): Consuming the Celebrity in 19th-century Performance Culture

Convened by Peter Yeandle (Loughborough University)

Chair: Kate Newey (University of Exeter)

Anna Maria Barry (Oxford Brookes University): ‘Known in some measure to everybody’: Selling operatic celebrity’

Tessa Kilgarriff (Bristol and National Portrait Gallery): ‘A theatrical gallery in the palm of a hand: Celebrity and the composite Carte de Visite’

Peter Yeandle (Loughborough University): ‘“Not a cage, a stage”: Victorian celebrity animals as star performers’

1.27 3F: The Many Lives of the Crystal Palace

Chair: Josh Poklad (Leeds Trinity University)

Valerie Sanders (University of Hull): ‘People-watching at the Crystal Palace’

Bruno Bower (Royal College of Music, London): ‘Advertising and promotion in the Programmes of the Crystal Palace Saturday Concerts, 1865-1879’

Joanne Parker (University of Exeter): ‘Consumed by flames: The Victorians, the Crystal Palace and Stella Gibbons’ Nightingale Wood

1.26 3G: Influence and Inspiration

Chair: Martin Willis (Cardiff University)

Jayne Thomas (Cardiff University): ‘“All experience is an arch”: Alfred Tennyson’s “Ulysses” (1842) and the “consumption” of the lost Wordsworthian imagination’

Laurel Brake (Birkbeck College, University of London): ‘French models and British consumers: the Feuilleton and the Fortnightly Review 1865-68’

Akemi Yoshida (Kindai University, Japan): ‘Oscar Wilde retelling the Faust legend retold by George Sand: A reading of  “The Nightingale and the Rose”’

0.24 3H: Consuming Otherness strand (3): Imagining and Representing Real and Unreal Others

Chair: Will Tattersdill (University of Birmingham)

Areej M.J. Al-Khafaji (Al-Qadisiya University / Cardiff University): ‘(O)Mission accomplished: Consuming the Orient in Tennyson’s “Akbar’s Dream”’

Camilla Adeane, ‘Imaginary voyages: The late paintings of John Everett Millais (The Boyhood of Raleigh, 1870; The North West Passage, 1874)’

Mary L. Shannon (University of Roehampton): ‘“Such a game!: Readers and the consumption of late 19th-century adventure fiction’

0.23 3K: Consuming Fantasy: Science, Psychology and the Supernatural in George MacDonald and Victorian Fantastic Literature

Panel convened by Kirstin Mills (Macquarie University, Australia)

Chair: Mark Richards

Kirstin Mills (Macquarie University): ‘Consuming the supernatural: Dream-worlds, hyperspace and the evolution of modern fantasy in Kingsley, Carroll and MacDonald’

Rebecca Langworthy (University of Aberdeen): ‘Addiction, vampires and punishment in George MacDonald’s Donal Grant’

Franziska Kohlt (University of Oxford): ‘Entropy of mind: Psychology and the realistic wonderlands of the fin-de-siècle fantasies of George MacDonald and Lewis Carroll’

0.22 3L: Travel and Tourism strand (2): Tourism

Chair: Clare Horrocks (Liverpool John Moores University)

Joanna Taylor (Lancaster University): ‘Away from the “show place”: Eliza Lynn Linton’s Lake District’

Anna Burton (University of Liverpool): ‘Picturesque ruins in the literary landscapes of William Gilpin and Anthony Trollope’

Sue Dean (Anglia Ruskin University): ‘Mary E. Mann and the commodification of the countryside’


0.16 LT






Aberdare Hall

Buffet dinner

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