The_Lady_of_ShalottTennyson’s Women

Special Collections, Arts and Social Sciences Library, 29 July-23 September 2016

The exhibition will compare changing artistic approaches to illustrating Tennyson’s works. In particular, it will examine the visual depiction of female characters in the context of the Victorian revival of interest in medieval courtly romance. It will also foreground forgotten female illustrators and artists including Eleanor Brickdale, Florence Harrison and Violet Fane, alongside more famous works by Gustave Doré, J. E. Millais and Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

Picture4Exhibition of Bible Paintings by Anthony Rhys

Conference venue, 31 August to 2 September

Anthony Rhys has a great interest in the social history of Victorian times, especially of the dispossessed, alienated, excluded and institutionalised.  His paintings are linked to real people in Welsh history and his art shows often concentrate on the history of a town and its inhabitants. The emotional aspect in his work is crucial and it has been described as ‘emotional archaeology’ and ‘Neo-Victorian bio-fiction in paint’.  He has been painting for five years and was awarded the Ivor Davies Award at the National Eisteddfod 2012. He lives and works in the Welsh valleys.

dickensian.39757Dickensian in Cardiff: Behind the Scenes of the BBC Drama Series

Conference venue, 31 August to 2 September. Exhibition curated by the Charles Dickens Museum in partnership with Red Planet

Explore the making of critically acclaimed BBC series Dickensian. Written by award-winning TV writer Tony Jordan (EastEnders, Life on Mars and Hustle, amongst others) and produced by Red Planet Pictures, Dickensian launched in December 2015. It has been described as “brilliantly reimagined Dickens” (Independent).

For this unique event, a capsule exhibition will travel to Cardiff. You can see costumes, props, production material and parts of the set, illustrating the craft involved in creating the settings, building the atmosphere and realising the characters of Dickensian.

220px-SidneyEdwardPagetSidney Paget

Curated by Karita Kuusisto, Panel M, Friday 2 September, 10.30-11.50

Special Collections, Arts and Social Sciences Library

This exhibition showcases the illustrative work of the artist and illustrator Sidney Paget (1860-1908), concentrating on his work for the Strand Magazine.

The exhibition shows examples of Paget’s work on Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and ‘Rodney Stone’ stories, while exploring how the changes in the publication process affected the appearance of the illustrations throughout the years. The exhibition also gives visitors a chance to look at bound volumes of the Strand Magazine housed in the Special Collections and Archives.

Biographical details: Karita Kuusisto is a PhD student at the School of English, Communication and Philosophy at Cardiff University. She has a BA in History of Art from the University of York and an MSc in Modern and Contemporary Art from the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on the work of the artist and illustrator Sidney Paget and the role of the illustrator in the process of making illustrated periodicals in the late Victorian era. Her research interests include illustration, periodical press and photography in the nineteenth century.